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This program is intended to help those who want to improve their speaking skills and various skills in standardized tests. Students are trained to show high performance in speaking (including public speaking), writing (most of academic writing skills), and introduced to the tricks and tips when working on such tests as Paper Based Test (PBT), IBT (Internet Based Tests), and others.


This DIKLAT lasts in one semester (6 months); thus it is a one-semester program composed of around 6subject courses of 20 sks.


Class starts October 2019


DIKLAT: Conversation and TOEFL  2019 (on and off line course-blended learning)


(1-semester design)


Subjects and Meetings


Reading and Vocabulary +TWE for TOEFL – 14 meetings


Grammar for TOEFL  – 14 meetings


Listening for TOEFL  – 14 meetings


Paper Writing  – 14 meetings


Giving Presentation/Seminar  – 14 meetings


Test on Written English (TWE) – 14 meetings




Three days a week --> Mon – Wed – Fri (2 Subjects each day) 


Mon: General Conversation + Giving Presentation


Online : Reading and vocab + TWE (Online)


Wed: Grammar + Presentation


Fri: Listening + Paper Writing


Free English Proficiency Test (EPT) 


One Participant : 2.750.000 IDR - for the whole program excluding books and other learning materials


Min Participants: 5 / class


Interested in joining the program? Pls, register online through this site and we will take care of the rest.