Supporting Units




You might also want to enjoy reading local myths, legends, short stories, biographies, or others that are printed in English. There are zillions of literature that you can pick up from the bookstores across Indonesia. You can easily find such stories as Malin Kundang, Tangkuban Perahu, or some biography of many prominent figures in Indonesia printed in English. Reading Engish stories that bear the same schemata as yours will make reading enjoyable. It will give more sense of success to the readers (us). We will feel that reading English texts is indeed easy and really fun. It should be different from reading stories that we are hardly familiar with; those published in an Engish speaking country. Now, which one is easier for Indonesian to read: Malin Kundang or Harry Potter?


Once you are done with one of the readings you might want to "reprint" in your own words, or write them in your own words of your own version. It should  be also best if you manage to record, play and listen to it. It will be fun!

to be continued