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After completing the National Test (UAN), every 12-grade students in Indonesia felt relieved, even though they still have to wait for the result. The five-days-test will determine whether they could graduate from the Senior High School or not. The test itself was conducted by Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia on March 22nd -26th, 2010 in every High School all over Indonesia.

Every year, UAN becomes a hot issue not only for the students but also for the society, since there spread the pros and cons about UAN itself. Considering the phenomenon and also giving empathy to the students’ psychological condition,  STBA LIA Yogyakarta  along with Djongnesia Advertising Network, held an event named  “5000 dreams and hopes”. The event was held in 50 High Schools all over Yogyakarta.

STBA LIA Yogyakarta gave 5000 stickers with an encouraging message to students, and also provided a white banner for them to write their hopes and dreams. Of course since the event was held on the last day of UAN, it becomes a relieving moment for them.

The event was focused in SMA Bopkri 2 Yogyakarta. The event was closed with a prayer that the students can pass the UAN and also make their dreams and hopes come true.